Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Lil Shelf

So we're getting all settled in our new place. It's really coming together, yes we still need a few pieces but slowly we are getting there. Marcus and I decided instead of a big piece of artwork over the couch we would build a shelf. We only had to buy the piece of wood, everything else was here in our home.

I just love it, Marcus asked me what I was going to put on it so he could use the right hardware. I told him picture frames and a few other things. I thought that was a completely clear description. Though the look on his face as I put all kinds of things up there, take them down, rearrange, put more, take off something.... was priceless. He was concerned he didn't build it strong enough. I then proceed to pull off what he thinks are boulders I added to this shelf and make him hold the items and say "see it's not THAT heavy". Good times in the Banner house.

We also started on my desk. Holy moly, it's half way done. One last piece to install but it requires a cut and for the sake of our neighbors we did not cut it at 10:00 (though I really tried to talk him into it) I will post the pictures once the desk is all done. It's fabulous, its HUGE!! I can't wait to get back to creating... I have not really made anything in weeks. Very strange for me.

So yes I found the camera, the USB thing... I'm back in business!! More to come!

xoxo, Lindsey