Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Budget Halloween Decoartions

My mom always says "Anyone can spend a lot of money and make something look great but it takes real creativity to do it on a budget" And that's just my motto on about everything I do these days. It's more fun, a challenge to me. So I give you my Halloween decorations! I had so much fun doing this, the husband got really involved too. We had fun naming and filling all the jars. That was the other tricky part, finding things to fill all the containers that wouldn't get funky sitting for long periods of time.

We've got poison berries, which are some potpourri strawberries I've had around forever
Night crawlers, which are from my husbands tackle box.
Eye of toad, vitamins
Frog warts, rice I died lime green with alcohol ink.
Fish scales, a whole bunch of sequins and beads.
Witches blood in the wine bottle is just coffee grounds.
Snake venom-floor cleaner
"Petrified Butterfly Wings" are decorative butterflies from our wedding.
And flour, cotton balls, glitter and hot pink alcohol ink give you a love potion.

I've always loved bottles and jars, I tend to collect them for my studio. But all in all, this was a $6.00 project!! SCORE!!

So this is a bit more of what the table and all looks like.

In the other corner is this little get up....it looks so much better with the candles and lights on it.


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  1. Lammers you are too cute!! My townhouse is getting a "fall" decorating motif currently. I'll update my blog with pictures soon...the new place is coming together! You should call me sometime friend!! Miss you!