Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's really happening...

As long as I have known my friend Mistye she has always talked about opening a boutique store. I always talked along and loved the idea. We kicked around every idea in the book. Originally we thought about a plant store, well neither of us is exactly a great green thumb and well it just wasn't the greatest idea.

Fast forward to 2012, here we are we have the store. We have it painted, fixtures and merchandise coming in. It's official we are opening Mr. Pickle's toy store in Downtown Carrollton, right off the green line! We have picked out some of the neatest things- from 2 to 90 there is something for every age. We really wanted educational toys, and boy did we find some GREAT things. Talk about letting your inner child come out. We are really excited, really pumped up. We are literally just waiting on everything to come in and we are open for business.

I am overjoyed to share this information with ANYONE I know or will sit still for 30 seconds. If you are from Dallas, live in Dallas, know some one in Dallas, more exactly Carrollton. Come see us!! There will be more information to come as we slowly receive all the great products we ordered about opening.

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  1. Do you have anything for 3rd graders my dear?? :) Educational of course!!